Telling Our Clients' Stories

For Over 20 Years!


Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation


ATLAS Healthcare Partners and Banner Surgery Centers

 "They don't just shoot a video, they become part of your team

and tell your story with heart and passion."

-Steve Down Founder of Financially Fit Africa, and World Cause Coin 



Why Fortune 500 companies work with us

  • Hollywood screenwriter on staff to articulate your story
  • We apply a cinematic language to your existing brand
  • We prepare your team for on-camera interviews and teleprompter
  • We develop a content strategy that fits your brand
  • We are a boutique studio, leveraging cutting edge technology
  • We have over 15 years experience in digital marketing


"Roze exceeded my expectations and

captured the heart and soul of my business.

His attention to detail, professionalism,

and awesome personality make

him an absolute joy to work with,

not only for me but for my clients as well.

Roze is an absolute artist,"


-Adam Kuhlman ATT Health and Wellness



Roze is celebrating his 20th year as a filmmaker and content producer. He is a decorated auteur who has won dozens of awards for his work that has taken him around the world. Lionsgate released his last horror film before Roze turned his attention toward documentary film and digital content. He is a serial entrepreneur who loves to work with people and businesses who are changing the world. He is an early adopter of new technology and has already integrated VR into his workflow with clients who live and work thousands of miles apart. But, what really separates Roze from many other content producers is that he is a good listener and loves a good story.   



Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation

We travel all over the country with the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation filmming gardens and meeting some of the best people in the world. The Executive Director of the foundation, Lyndsey Waugh, has recognized the importance of telling the story of each garden and the impact it is making on the local community. 



This is a product release sizzle video we did for PathogenDx. Interesting to note: the product did not have a label yet during production so we put the label on digitally. 


Pectus Services

Pectus Services came to us with the desire to move their in-person business model to an on-line/mail-order business. We worked with their marketing team to build out multiple instructional videos to explain to their customers how it works. Then we produced another dozen videos to serve as a sales funnel across multiple social media sites. We are able to take each one of those videos that we posted to YouTube and turn them into blog content and shorter clips for social media. 

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